Thursday, March 1, 2012

Born to Meme: the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship

Thank you, fitness gods, for the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. So guileless. So earnest. So ridiculously pumped up. Aerobics championship videos are this blog's own private cornucopia. They're a wellspring of content for times (like the past 10 days) when I'm putting my offline life back together post-Mardi Gras and swimming in deadlines for jobs that actually pay me. They're the giving tree of the sassosphere.

The video above has a theatrical opening number set to the championship's dangerously catchy theme song (best heard, with lyrics, here), but make sure to check out the first finalist performance at 6:25. It's body-shockin' electric.

Hey, wanna see Alan Thicke sing a song called "Sweaty and Hot"? Do I even need to ask? Well click here, because the video won't let me embed it!

I don't just use and abuse these videos, though, however plentiful and cheap. I appreciate them so much, they inspired me to finally learn how to make gifs, which is something they -- and you, dear readers -- clearly deserve:

Aerobics Championships, Jeff Vandiver

Jumpin Jack

Big time. GIFs and aerobics videos -- DOYYYY. Could there be a more perfect partnership? Why did it take me so long?! This blog is about to get downright magical, y'all. 


  1. What is the name of the theme song, can it be downloaded?

    1. and download the song with

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