Friday, March 9, 2012

Insert Burning Man joke here.

Aren't trance states weird and creepy and awesome? I think so. But that doesn't mean I'm totally sold on this video, "Yoga Trance Dance." I'm not about to tell anyone to not get all free n shit in their dance exercise, but there's something odd about a video that asks you to watch people dance like nobody's watching while you yourself dance like nobody's watching, amirite? Perhaps that's why the audiobook version seems to be a bigger seller. Anyway, blah blah hippies blah blah acid trip blah. Here's a GIF of some fun-loving folks just trying to get their spiritual groove on:

trance dance

They're lovin it! And the music's not, like, offensive, unless you categorically hate worldbeat fusion stuff. Hell, I hate that I just typed "worldbeat fusion stuff," but I also purchased and loved and eventually lost and still sometimes think about this Afro Celt Sound System album. When it works, it works.

So yeah, if this particular tribe doesn't make you wanna be part of their world, that's understandable. But as the exquisite and often terrifying choreographer Pina Bausch illustrated through her entire career, it's that life is a kind of trance state in and of itself, so you may as well tune into your body unfettered by the burden of self-consciousness once in a while. You may be surprised by what comes out. 

(Also, go see the new film about Bausch, called "Pina." It's in 3D, it's astounding, and it'll make you dance with your eyes closed.) Happy weekend!


  1. I love that you have brought the topic of trance dance to your page. There are many modalities out there so for anyone who is remotely interested, look around and try different options. I've had a Dancemeditation practice for 8 or so years now and it has benefited my life in many many ways.

    Some things to point out..

    The video is only 5 minutes long...not nearly enough time to achieve a trance state. It takes the brain 20 to "shift gears" at all. And, be waware that there is a difference between trance dance and meditative dance. With Trance dance, your brain checks out and with meditative movement, your mind steps back and watches your body. Both very useful. Only one brings you into closer connection with your body. It just depends on what you are seekin gto get out of your practice.

  2. I've been wanting to try Dancemeditation for so long, it's shameful. Once my day job goes on hiatus in May, I'll have a more flexible sked. The video I posted is just a clip; there's a full-length video that I'm not terribly interested to try. Would rather give the audio version a go -- perhaps next time I go camping?? Nature trance dance realness.

    1. Sounds like a great idea. FYI...Dancemeditation is now happening at the New Orleans Healing Center Mon & Wed 1-2:30pm BUT in April, Mondays will move to Tuesdays 7-8:30pm. OH and Anna and I will be doing some witness dancing and trance dance for the Sacred Music Festival at the center next weekend. I'll be there on Sunday 7-10 in the main atrium.