Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prime Time

I just discovered that as an Amazon Prime member, I can stream a huge, steaming pile of sass for free or just a couple bucks. I am happier than Denise Austin after a heady grapevine combo.

Despite using Prime ($80 a year) all the time, for everything from buying paprika and booty shorts to watching all four seasons of the BBC's superbly saccharine Lark Rise to Candleford, it hadn't occurred to me to check for workout videos until the polar vortex kept me inside long enough to fully exhaust my existing library. Denise Austin was my first fling in Primetown, which I'll review sometime before another three months goes by, and I am ready for more. Look at all these goodies:

It's a new day; it's a new dawn; IT'S A NEW LI-YEEF FOR ME. Prime Time has begun!