Welcome to World of Sass, a blog that surveys the richly varied realm of at-home fitness videos.

My name's Molly. As an ardent consumer and beneficiary of exercise videos for most of my adult life, I've traversed their lycra-lush landscapes many times over in my search for well-made, entertaining workouts. I've seen sparkling, spangled peaks, gentle plains and frightening wastelands -- and I want to chart them all.

Whether they're inspiring, amusing, effective, bizarre, vintage, exhilarating, erotic, maddening, boring or plain god-awful, they'll have a spot on the World of Sass map. Legit videos (fully realized workout, passable production values) I'll review and/or summarize in detail, with accompanying video links; all others will inspire pithy remarks, poems, extended metaphors, etc.

Let the journey through the sassosphere begin!