Thursday, October 6, 2011

The granny-hug delight of "Sit and Be Fit"

How much do you love this lady? God bless her!

Mary Ann Wilson's the name, and exercise for old or mobility-impaired folks is her game. She's led the delightfully low-budget "Sit and Be Fit" for over 20 years, which is produced by a nonprofit organization of the same name and has won a bunch of health/wellness/old people awards.

First off, HOW BOUT THEM GAMS! Lady's got one of the best sets of legs in the sassosphere, and she knows how to show them off. Colorful scrunched socks + short high-waist shorts + loose sweatshirt or baseball shirt or tucked-in tee (+ some hosiery, methinks) = OFF-THE-CHARTS SASS. Take notes, boys and girls.

Hands up if you've done this by yourself after finding it on public television. Own it.

This show makes me wish my beautiful grandma were still around, because I would have loved to have done this with her -- most likely with a peach cobbler or some snickerdoodles in the oven. Which, come to think of it, is what watching "Sit and Be Fit" feels like: grandma hugs and baked goods.

Back to Auntie Wilson.

Even though it's ostensibly for the elderly, you could learn a thing or two from "Sit and Be Fit." No joke. For example:

Pelvic floor strengthening! It'll help keep you from peeing your pants down the line, and in the meantime it'll give you better posture, alignment and flexibility. A strong pelvic floor can prevent injury. Oh yeah, and pelvic floor strengthening is basically the same thing as kegel exercises, so you can, er, squeeze more juice outta those lemons.

Moving on...

Airplane workout! You may not have blood clots to worry about, but what about boredom? Or jitters from all that coffee you drank during your layover? Mary Ann's got ya covered. Invite your seat neighbors to do it, too!

Arthritis prevention! Also, meditative finger-ball-rolling! This'll entertain your stoner pals for (what feels like) hours.

So pull up a chair, snuggle your buns into it, and start getting fit the way the old timers do.

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  1. From now on, anytime I do my kegel's, I am going to imagine it as a gently swaying hammock for my organs to nap in.