Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fit-Fart: It's the Great Pumpkin Workout, Charlie Brown

Exercise and Halloween aren't really compatible, are they? The candy, the costuming, the (copious) drinking, the music festival-going, the scary movie-watching, the gourd-carving... There's not much to go on, is there? WRONG, apparently.

Turns out there's a micro-trend of working out with pumpkins, either as a way to get hits to your personal training website or to fill time on morning news shows. Or just because you love Halloween THAT MUCH. See what those people up there are doing? They're on a morning show, passing a pumpkin back and forth to demonstrate "The Halloween Workout." Looks like it works their oblique muscles. Bully for them.

Here's one from some guy called The Fit Bastard. It also puts a couple hay bales to work.

There are a bunch more of these, but I'm not gonna post any of them because they're all kinda boring and similar. Pumpkins as dumbbells, ho ho what a gas! Don't know about you, but these don't really get me excited for Halloween OR a workout. Halloween is one thing, exercise is another and never the twain shall meet. Unless:

  • You're a young woman working a really strange babysitting gig in a giant house on a hill, and you find yourself running from a lunatic serial killer. 
  • You gorged on Halloween candy, alone, in the daytime, watching "Hocus Pocus" and "Halloweentown" on the Disney Channel, and you find yourself having to do something, anything, to burn off the shame* while the rest of the world cavorts and eggs houses. 
  • You just really love festive exercise.
* - Let me make this clear: There is NOTHING shameful about the movie "Hocus Pocus." "Halloweentown," you're on your own with that one. But daytime candy-gorging: been there, done that, just don't do it. 

Happy Halloween!

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