Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hall of Tame

Hey, wanna see something kinda sad? Or maybe not sad, but yes kinda sad and also like something out of a lost Christopher Guest movie?

This, readers, is the National Fitness Hall of Fame & Museum. "There's a National Fitness Hall of Fame & Museum?" you say. Yes! Sort of! The museum, captured so well above, was established in 2005 in the fair and fit city of Minooka, Illinois. Somewhere between then and now, though, the bricks-and-mortar location bit the dust.

Tragic. Could it have been the aerobicizer troll doll? The Thighmaster-box-but-not-actual-Thightmaster? The topical circa-1987 issue of People magazine? 

What a shame. A fitness museum is a great idea. I would go to one. Obviously. But alas, this one wasn't meant to be, so the museum must exist in the hearts and minds and modems of random Google-searchers everywhere. 

There's a Hall of Fame page with a bunch of people you've never heard of who have amazing mugshots. There's a "Fitness through the Ages" section that's pretty astoundingly half-assed. Of typos there are multitudes. Informational gaps galore. 

Still, it's an easy way to kill 10 minutes. Plus their flash into on the homepage is nice.

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