Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gilad to meet ya!

VIDEO: "Gilad Fat Burning Workout" (just going off of the YouTube title below; can't trace it to an actual DVD title)
STYLE: Aerobics
INTENSITY: Moderate to high for beginners; low to moderate for more advanced folks
STRUCTURE: Warm-up, 7 min.; low-impact aerobics, 15 min.; high-impact aerobics, 15 mins.; 5-min. cool-down
GIST: Uncomplicated classic aerobics with a nice studly instructor, inoffensive music and a compact but quality duration. Perfect for beginners; great light cardio for more advanced peeps.

No one in my family was much of a televised-sports fanatic, so we ESPN was never on much in our house. Which explains why I never heard of Gilad, a Harlequin cover-ready studmuffin with nice manners, until really recently. His TV fitness show, "Bodies in Motion," ran on ESPN from 1985 to 1996, and has hopped around various cable channels ever since. He's a muscle-bound man from Israel, beautiful and bland, who wants to bring you into his beach world of better personal fitness. It's really that simple.

That looks uncomfortable, does it not?

After doing this workout a couple times, I think it's perfect for beginners or more experienced worker-outers who want a light cardio day. All the moves are textbook '80s aerobics steps -- leg curls, knee raises, jumping jacks, lunges -- with the exception of a regrettable air guitar triceps thing he tries to make happen. I looked the other way for that bit, but the rest was totally pleasant, occasionally corny as hell and, overall, not requiring much thought. The first 15 minutes of cardio are mostly low-impact, so whiny whiners people who don't like jumpy/hoppy aerobics (or, of course, folks with knee or ankle issues) will have plenty to go on. 

There's a lot of marching in place, which isn't my favorite base step because it looks sooooooo earnest, but a) I typically like earnestness, and b) you can jazz it up however you wanna march. I went full-on Book of Mormon/Army of the Church to entertain myself. 

I wish I had more to say about this video, but Gilad is just sort of boringly competent, nice and professional. His instruction is clear. His moves are easy to follow. His hair is perfect. He's gracious in his pacing and attention to technique. The music is not bad, for being muzak. I enjoyed myself. You can't really mess with the guy that much. 

Well, there's this:

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  1. I've read about ten or so of your blog posts thus far, pure awesomeness. As a former/future fitness pro, I greatly enjoy your funny, well-thought, and informative reviews on various fitness videos. Hopefully, we'll see some new stuff in 2015