Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby she will she be your motivation

So, Kelly Rowlands's ab workout looks serious. Like, ow ow ow omg motherf*****CHiagerrgh;[U832 WHEN WILL IT END serious. 

Which is great! It's called "Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland," part of a "Hollywood Trainer" series that I'm just now realizing exists, and it seems like an Abs of Steel for the Ciara era. (Btw, could Ciara please make a workout video? Like, why has't she already?)

The video was released this past December, and judging from the reviews, it's kicking ass and taking names: 30 minutes, short warm-up and cool-down but otherwise all ab-sculpting agony. And eventually, with practice, ecstasy? 

In a perfect world I'd buy this immediately, add it 3x a week to my Carnival body prep master plan and emerge Mardi Gras Day like some ripped, unhinged lovechild of the Cheshire Cat and an Amazon. In real life...let's shoot for once a week and see what happens?

Here's some behind-the-scenes ish:

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