Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dance Aerobics: "The Craft" Edition

I was going to start off saying that Halloween is the least fitness-related of holidays, but compared with Thanksgiving, Christmas . . . pretty much all of them — they're all excuses to eat a lot, have parties and be distracted from the interminable drudgery of life ticking away.

Cutting-edge clip art because I am great at blogging.

Yeah! So the real news is that I've been teaching dance aerobics recently, living the dream, and back in September I put together a bitchin playlist for Halloween week. I mean, haven't you yearned to go to a group fitness class where the teacher kills the lights, has everyone smear fake blood on themselves and leads choreographed exercises to gothy synthpop? 

Dance Aerobics: The Craft Edition was not meant to be IRL, as my studio suspended our normal schedule for the week, but the playlist came in handy for my dance team's Halloween parade gig. (In New Orleans, grown-ups can be on dance teams.) The parade being for neighborhood folks and families and all, I cut out the weirder / more abrasive stuff — yes to "Weird Science," no to Skinny Puppy.


(Sorry. They are pretty scary.)

You might not think sass and Nine Inch Nails are capable of agreeably cohabiting your senses, but they go together like pumpkin spice lattes and overworked moms.  

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the tunes.

Warm-up w/ my favorite princes of darkness

Getting warmer and weirder . . .

Spooky squats and lunges

Cardio time. She's a glamazon! Be afraid.

Kinda corny, but I couldn't resist.

Angsty aerobics. Why isn't this already a thing?

Werking a sexual-tormentor vibe as the cardio builds to its apex . . .

And then, I dunno, running around like insane people.

(You might think you hate this song, but that's actually scientifically impossible.)

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