Monday, April 2, 2012

World of Ритмика

What is there to say about this other than noises I'm insufficient in expressing onomatopoetically? 

"Rhymics," or "Ритмика," the Soviet Russian half-hour TV fitness program I first examined here, has become a part of me. Since Friday, I have spent several hours with this show, maybe 40% actually doing it and the rest just watching in awe. Of THINGS LIKE THIS:

I almost can't handle it, you guys. So much going on here that's cranking my gears: krautrocky electropop, lithe n' limber ballerina bodies with perfect carriage and insanely innate-looking epaulement, cry-worthy workoutfits, every kind of set known to man, ballet-meets-b-boy (or meets Russian folk dance, or meets military training) choreography, collector-geek cred, delightful weirdness and, dare I say, sex appeal. I mean --

It's so wonderful. The workouts themselves vary in difficulty and quality, but there are so many episodes it's not a problem. The video I posted at the top is my favorite so far. BANGIN THEME SONG, first of all. Jumpsuits that I must own forthwith. Sexually mature gymnast realness. And some really fun exercises! It's only a half hour, but it gets your heart rate up at designated intervals (with a reminder to check your heart rate afterward) and does heavy work the in core, butt and back/shoulder areas the rest of the time. Here are the other two parts of the episode:

I hope y'all are even a fraction as amused by this as I am, because this here shit is HERE TO STAY. This blog is basically now "World of Ритмика." I may need to send regular dispatches from its overlit, blurry shores, because there's just too much here in too many exotic places -- in the snow! at a gnome palace! in your neighborhood prostitute's living room! -- to miss. 

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