Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hips don't lie. Except when they do.

Between a lingering cold and getting ready for my real-life dance team -- Star-Steppin' Cosmonaughties, hoody-hoooooooo! -- to take the world by storm this Saturday in our first-ever Mardi Gras parade, I have had zero time to do any workout videos. Which sucks, because this one, "The Brazilian Carnival Dance Workout," looks legit in all the right ways -- long, challenging and comprised of actual samba moves you'd likely see during Carnaval. 

Samba is friggin' ARDUOUS. I took a couple classes with a local samba troupe a couple years ago, and it's just a different vocabulary rhythmically, one for which the learning process is, I suspect, like riding a bike -- once you've got it, you've got it, and it's just a matter of going faster faster faster! To say that it works your hips, lower abs, butt and thighs is like saying Mardi Gras is better than a regular Tuesday.  

My own results in that class looked more like an adult pee-pee dance, a tangle of wiggles and jiggles that prompted the teacher to come over and recommend that I take the beginner class next time. Ah well. Check out this loca's outfit!


I love that this chick is meaty and delicious. She is bodied, and I want her to get me bodied. That is all.

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