Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Butts: A celebration!

So I'm way way behind in finishing an article on my first-ever pole dancing class for The Hairpin, and part of what's taking so long is explaining how I feel about butts. Ferreal. It's especially ridiculous because I know exactly how I feel about butts: I LOVE THEM! Why? Well, watch that belly dance video clip above, for starters. That's seriously one of my fa-vor-ite butt exercises. So meditative and pleasing. (Btw, "Churn the Other Cheek"??? I DIE. It's like an Itchy and Scratchy episode title.)

Anyway, butts are just fantastic in my book, but the Hairpin piece is about a bunch of other stuff and saying "I LIKE BUTTS" isn't really enough to fill an article, you know? However, it is enough to fill a blog post!

I give to you...a bounty of butts. A paean to posteriors and the workouts that keep them so darn likeable.

Here's that same video, but with "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" dubbed in. It's worth it.

The original butt-sculpting bible:

"Press it. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh."

She's porny and she knows it, but...respect. This glute gambit is legit.

And finally, the apotheosis of butt appreciation, Ray Rich's "Know She Cold" video. Butt joy. Bounce dance primer. Cheeks applauding the world. This video makes me soooo happy, y'all. It's like kittens and Christmas trees, (just NSFW).

Don't say I never you gave you nothin. What are your favorite (non-porn) butt-tastic videos?


  1. SO happy i stopped by here and watched these videos with my morning coffee + pancakes. XOX